Brandon Hanks is a young black police officer working hard to make positive changes in his community, but he believes that his employer is hindering him from making those changes. Because he believes that he is being discriminated against, he is filing a whopping $33 million lawsuit against the Syracuse Police Department.

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Officer Hanks is a very popular young police officer working in the community where he listens to rap music with the young people and challenges them in basketball games. Basically, he meets the people that he serves where they are and encourages him to do better.

According to The Griot, Officer Hanks claims that one day he was sitting in his car outside of a barbershop when rap music was playing and the “n” word could be heard. The incident led to disciplinary action against Officer Hanks and allegedly prevented him from being promoted to the acclaimed (all white) gang task force for which he was recommended. Hanks makes a comparison where Chief Richard Trudell admitted in a sworn affidavit that he had used the “n” word. Trudell was never reprimanded and went on to be promoted to his current ranking as a Chief.

That was just the beginning of trouble for Officer Hanks. He alleges that there was a memo written and a secret investigation conducted which accused him of being tied to gangs and trafficking drugs.

The young officer was flanked by his attorneys yesterday when they made the announcement that they were filing a $33 million lawsuit against the Syracuse Police Department. Officer Hanks calls the working environment a “Jim Crow” culture, that is full of racial discrimination.

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh says that he will not comment on the specific details of this incident but he did say that the allegations are concerning and that the claims would be investigated. I believe his story I have been stopped for absolutely nothing several times in Syracuse.

Discrimination is a serious problem in workplaces across New York State not just in law enforcement have you ever been discriminated against at your job?

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