George Zimmerman has become the poster child for injustice in this country. Not only did he admit to killing an unarmed teen in Florida and get off, now he admits to speeding with a concealed weapon in his truck and gets off with a warning!

Watch the cop dash cam inside. 


According to TMZ, our boy George is living the good life after being acquitted of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. He got a brand-new truck and can't do no wrong in the eyes of law enforcement and a large percentage of white people.

On Sunday, he was going "nowhere in particular" in Texas when he was stopped by Police. The cop asked GZ if he was "clear of warrants and such", and I was just waiting to hear him reply, "Yeah, didn't you hear I just got away with murder?"!

The cop then called in GZ's license plate and described George as a "white male" (I thought we determined he is Hispanic?).

A few minutes later, the officer told him to stop playing with his weapon and to slow down a little bit before sending Zimmerman on his way with a verbal warning!

The cop never even asks to see GZ's gun permit! Personally, I think he was a bit starstruck. At the 3:25 mark in the video, you can hear the cop take a pic with his camera phone and then text his friend like, "Look who I just stopped! :)"

Now YOU KNOW If this same cop stopped a Black male speeding in Texas with a gun, he would got a traffic violation and be brought in for questioning about riding around with the gun!

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