Buffalo' New York's Nate Boyd is an amazing man.  That statement revolves around his dedication to helping residents in Buffalo who have been victims of bad housing practices among Home Owners in Buffalo who rent or lease their properties to individuals, and then ignore all responsibilities regarding their properties, but continue to collect rent on time monthly.  The unique thing about Nate Boyd is that he does this exposure all online...on Facebook.  But now Boyd has set his sights higher as he has announced he is running for a Common Council Seat in Buffalo, NY.

Nate Boyd has shown a passion for helping these people. The News Video below (from Novemebrern 2018) begins with the Reporter claiming that few people know who Nate Boyd is.

WATCH:  (Meet Nate Boyd)

Well fast-forward to present day, Nate Brown is definitely more well known now than he was a year prior when that News Video was made.  Boyd has now thrown his name in the hat, so to speak, and is running to be a part of the Buffalo Common Council.  His appointment to the Buffalo Common Council would be bittersweet for Boyd, as he will no longer have to deal with some of the obstacles which he has seemingly run into beforehand when he couldn't satisfactorily voice his concerns, along with the concerns of some Buffalo residents regarding theBuffalo Municipal Housing Authority.  Buffalo residents who deal with neglectful Landlords would be well served by Nate Boyd to fight for them.  Here's an example of Nate Boyd's no tolerance attitude while trying to help the common man.


(The following is how the video is explained on YouTube)

Published on Dec 4, 2018

Needless to say, Nate Boyd is NO JOKE when it comes to standing up for Buffalo Residents and their Housing Issues.  He is a familiar face on Facebook.


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