Young entrepreneur Kenedee introduced her vegan lipgloss line, K-Shine LLC a little over a year ago and she has recently added vegan eyeshadow to her line-up! I caught up with Kenedee to see how business has been going with her lipgloss, the latest addition and the #BulliedToBusiness movement her products promote.

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ReddRoxx: Hi Kendee! Firstly, how old are you?
Kendee: I am 11 years old.
RR: You're so young! It's admirable that you wanted to go into business at your age. What made you want to start a vegan line of products?
K: I was bullied by a boy and a girl during my 4th grade year in a new who I thought were my friends.
RR: That's terrible but I'm happy to hear it inspired you to start K-Shine LLC. How's business so far?
K: Business is great. I have been in business a little over a year and it's doing better than expected.
RR: That's great to hear! I love the #BulliedtoBusiness movement tell me about it
K: We created that hashtag as a way to encourage other victims like myself. Being bullied isn't the end. It's the beginning.
RR: Such a dope and inspiring message. Are you planning to expand K-Shine LLC further?
K: Absolutely. We just added vegan eyeshadow and we're now looking to add vegan mascara!
RR: Wow! Yes I seen the vegan shadow and had to see what the line was all about. The Mascara would definitely be a smart add. You seem pretty grounded and sure about your path, where do you see yourself in 5 years?
K: I see myself as a 16yr old Boss with a nonprofit organization, encouraging and influencing other bullied victims to not just have a dream of starting a business but actually have started their business.
RR: I can see that for you too! How and where can we support?
K: We have a website, we're on facebook K Shine LLC as well as Instagram.
RR: Cool, thank you for that info. What message do you want to leave for others who may be experiencing being bullied?
K: Being bullied is NOT the end. Just because you are different is NOT a reason to be bullied. Stay true to YOU. BE YOU. SHINE ON. You are important, loved, and wanted.
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Big thank you to Kenedee and showing a postive example to other youth. Please visit the links above to support her line and movement #BulliedtoBusiness!



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