You would think that developing the east side of Buffalo would make everybody happy, but as it turns out, that old saying "You can't please everybody", proves to be true again. According to, the $31 million housing project on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo is complete. This amazing piece of property was built to accommodate residents with affordable housing. The development features 90 new apartments, there will be 71 one-bedroom and 19 two-bedroom available for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, and People Inc will provide services on site.

I personally think it's a great idea for many reasons, one of them being when you look at the east side of Buffalo, let's just be honest there is room for improvements. I personally think that if you build up an area, residents may get a sense of pride and want to keep it up and looking beautiful. My second reason is, new buildings in the area can attract new businesses, making for a stronger economy. Not everyone feels the same, some people have strong opinions on the matter, and really believe that there is much more that could be done to better serve the east side community.

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So What Do Some Buffalo Residents Have To Say?

Here's What Some Buffalo Residents Have To Say About Jefferson Avenue

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