We all know our children well and we try to teach them all the right moves to make in life. For our children to make it to an ivy league school, is a dream for most parents. Take it a step further and receive a full-ride scholarship plus money for room, books, and other expenses is just unfathomable for most people.

According to boston.cbslocal.com, a Fitchburg High School graduate, which is located in Massachusetts, is headed to Harvard University. Her name is Verda Tetteh and she is getting a full ride to Harvard, but before she heads off to college and began her career, she is helping other students do the same.

So What Did Verda Tetteh Do That Would Help Other Students?

Verda was awarded an additional $40,000.00 scholarship for books, computers, and living expenses but she turned it down. Verda is a 17-year-old Straight A student who was brought to the U.S from Ghana as a child by her mother. She was awarded the money by winning the school's coveted scholarship for general excellence, which is $10,000 for the next four years, she really caught everyone by surprise when she turned back to the podium within minutes to not accept the money. Verda suggested that the money goes to a struggling fellow student or students, so it can open a door to a community college.

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That is such a great thing for a young black teenager to be able to do and be considerate to her fellow schoolmates to help them succeed as well.

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