Just to say that the restaurant business has been struggling would be an understatement, in my opinion, we have been talking about supporting local restaurants for a little over a year now. I think we can all agree that there were many small businesses that were hit hard by the pandemic and it seems like many of them are starting to recover. But many people in the food and beverage industry can still use help.

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Congressman Brian Higgins just recently announced that federal relief dollars are on the way to help struggling Western New York restaurants. The money will be coming from the American Rescue Plan's 28.6 billion Restaurants Revitalization Fund for restaurants hit hard by the pandemic. The workshop through the Small Business Development Centers in New York will be held on April 19 to guide local restaurants through the application process.

The restaurant industry has been hit hard by the pandemic and has yet to recover. The survival of restaurants will be critical to post-pandemic employment growth and economic recovery and community revival. We are working to see these critical federal resources are made available to help local establishments come back even stronger.

said, Brian Higgins.

Restaurant owners that that would like to register for the workshop can click here, I have been saying for a while now how serious it is to see our local restaurants recover from this pandemic, it's good to see that relief is on the way for the people that are in the restaurant business.

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