An Amherst man, who tested positive for coronavirus and is now under quarantine, has a few words for WNYers.

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Kevin, one of the people who has tested positive for coronavirus in Erie County and is quarantined, is speaking out.

Kevin is from Amherst. And he has a message for Western New Yorkers: Be kind, because like so much about this region, we’re in this fight together.  In an exclusive video interview with WIVB, he spoke about how he is feeling.

“I wish I was feeling better. I’ve got one of those nasty, nasty headaches that have now lasted for days. At different times, I have shortness of breath. I have a cough that I can’t seem to stop. Sore throat. I also have digestive tract issues, and general malaise, which is never fun.” ~ Kevin via WIVB

Kevin had taken an Amtrak train leaving New York City on March 9. He arrived back in Buffalo after 12 am on March 10th. He told WIVB that he felt sick on Friday, March 13th. On Sunday, March 15th, Department of Health told him he had tested positive.  He asks that the people in the "City of Good Neighbors," feel a little compassion.

"There’s a mob mentality starting to happen in this city, and I feel like part of it is, there’s not a face, there’s not a voice saying, we’re people." ~ Kevin via WIVB

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