I woke up Sunday morning and proceeded out of the house, as usual, however, upon setting foot on the short steps leading to the side entrance of my home, I ended up smack dab on my behind.  I was very lucky and blessed that it wasn't worse because it surely could have been.

If you haven't been outside today, I'm letting you know now that it is no joke out there.  Walking is treacherous and driving is even worse.  I normally travel at about 73 mph on the 190 coming out of The Falls on the way to Buffalo, but this early morning I wasn't able to safely go over 40.  The roads are extremely slippery with the threat of Black Ice a reality.

The conditions that led to pour "ice storm", so tho speak, are sticking around which prompted an extension of the Winter Weather Advisory through Monday at 11 am, according to reports.


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