We got a little taste of winter snow right now and living here in Buffalo, you know that there is more on the way. Although many of us have been through this and have plenty of experience in winter driving, there are some new drivers on the roads and some more seasoned drivers that can use a little refresher.

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According to WGRZ, the State Police, and AAA are offering some driving tips to keep everybody safe during these winter months while traveling. The New York State Police suggest, and this may be obvious to some but new to others, it's a good idea to leave with extra time to get to your destination and you should also take snow accumulation and visibility into account when making your traveling decisions.

It is also a good idea to pack emergency supplies in your vehicle, like gloves, winter blankets, extra flashlights and, jumper cables. As the roads begin to get slicker it's also a good idea to keep your cellphone charged and in the car with you.

According to WGRZ, here are some other tips, Always get the latest weather forecast from your local news or mobile app, clean your car and windows fully before leaving your destination and, keep a full tank of gas.

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