Okay...DON'T KILL THE MESSENGER!!!!  I'm really curious as to what people believe.  I mean we have a Church on every corner of the African-American Community, but WHY?  Why aren't they all ONE together if they ALL believe in JESUS?  Then there are the Muslims passing out newspapers, Jehovah Witnesses knocking on doors...and any number of other beliefs, etc!

So what's the deal....someone should ask this question..so why not ME!!!  I want someone to explain to me WHO GOD REALLY IS and whether there is ONE and I don't simply mean..."IS THERE ONE AS IN "A" GOD...I mean IS THERE ONE...ONE SINGLE GOD?...and IF SO, WHO IS HE!!!!????

Now here's what's interesting about this BLOG... I know a little bit about The Bible and I KNOW that The Bible teaches us to SPREAD THE WORD... so this BLOG "should get" a million Christians stating their claim (below)!  Will it happen?...I'm not gonna hold my breath.  It seems Christianity takes place on Sunday in buildings throughout the City and any other day during the week it's put away until the next "EMOTIONAL PIT STOP"...C'mon...I'm just sayin'.  I expect to get a ton of negative responses to this BLOG and primarily by CHRISTIANS...instead of Christians using this Blog to educate everyone reading....about Christ!  Here's YOUR chance.  Or do we all need to come to Church on Sunday? Call you Pastor and tell him to come here and write something.

Muslims...what's your story...Jehovah Witnesses?  Why do we ALL shy away from this FUNDAMENTAL discussion?  We're all human beings on this earth destined for a FINAL DAY...so if you know something that's ENCOURAGING for SUSTAINING LIFE....why not share it...instead of making the excuses (which I expect) such that..."The Bible says we're not supposed to debate or argue"...well...NO ONE IS ASKING YOU TOO!!!!  Just make your statement in response to the question...and leave it at that.  But when you respond, please give me something more than "GOD IS GOOD", or some SCRIPTURE from the BIBLE...I want to hear something the average person can relate to.  Christians should be reading this and CELEBRATING WITH BELLS ON that here's finally an opportunity to SHARE CHRIST WITH EVERYONE...especially with this being his Birthday Season!!!!!

This is not a challenge to only Christianity because I've mentioned two otherReligions or beliefs...but YES...Christianity is being more-so challenged because Christinas are THE MOST VOCAL about what they believe... CHRIST!

This BLOG was inspired by the following:  I asked the WBLK FaceBook Friends ( as I do every morning) what they wanted the BLOG to be about today and I chose to take Eb Gettinmaedu Reddick up on her suggestion...

  • Eb Gettinmaedu Reddick The power of God. This nation was built under God and now he is being taken out of everything...without God nothing is possible
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    So now it's time.... I'm waiting for a record number of responses (especially from Christians) telling me and everyone reading this...about WHO GOD IS or IF THERE IS A GOD!

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