Different Religions
With all this religious controversy swirling around in the U.S. since Trump took office, I'm curious about how divided our country really is when it comes to religion! Are you willing to date or marry someone with a different religion than you?
Are Atheists Smarter?
The extent of my intelligence only allows me to share this article with you.... my mental capacity is limited beyond that... commenting would just be a bit too much for my brain to handle... so I'll leave it up to you!
Ask yourself these questions: Does the Catholic Church and Catholicism represent some sort of Secret Sexual Society designed to protect and secretly promote homosexuality and pedophilia?  Is it coincidental that Catholic Priests were "traditionally" fo…
Okay...DON'T KILL THE MESSENGER!!!!  I'm really curious as to what people believe.  I mean we have a Church on every corner of the African-American Community, but WHY?  Why aren't they all ONE together if they ALL believe in JESUS?  Then there are the Muslims passi…
Blasphemy From The Game?
Rapper "The Game" is no stranger when it comes to controversy. His latest attention grabbing scheme, is already stirring debates among the religious set on social networking websites.
On the west coast rapper’s 5th studio album titled Jesus Piece, Jesus is portrayed …
Pastor Sets Fire To House For Insurance Money #BIGDUMMYFILES
WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, Sports
I was checking out the big dummies on the net, and I saw this one at WAFB in Baton Rouge. Bridgette Barnes Steib, the pastor at The Ministry of Love Church in Zachary, Louisiana, is behind bars -- and on her knees praying to God, no doubt -- a…