Imagine you're a Buffalo waitress or bartender serving a man a $5 beer and you receive $105 and an autograph from someone named "Buffalo Batman". Sounds crazy right, well it started happening yesterday in Elmwood Village & Allentown. Details here.

Comic Podcast
Comic Podcast

Wednesday Dec 10th was the start of one man's pledge to give back to the community with large tips to local bartenders and waitresses in Buffalo. Using the alias Buffalo Batman, one man is spreading holiday cheer in the form of crispy $100 bills!

So just WHO IS Buffalo Batman? This guy thinks it's the Mayor of Pegulaville.


December 10-25 Batman will be around everywhere he can.

A photo posted by Bruce Wayne (@buffalo_batman) onDec 12, 2014 at 6:51pm PST

Batman strikes again. It's hard to make out the name of the venue, but the tip was twice the bill!


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