Girl Rescued from Fire Dies
Tragic News this morning as Treasure Brighton, the 8 Year-Old who was rescued by her Step-Dad (24-year-old Demetrius Johnson) 2 months ago, has succumb to her injuries and has died.  She been in treatment Out-of-State since the fire, but has lost her battle with the struggle to overcome her inj…
Buffalo Batman Is $100 Tipper
Imagine you're a Buffalo waitress or bartender serving a man a $5 beer and you receive $105 and an autograph from someone named "Buffalo Batman". Sounds crazy right, well it started happening yesterday in Elmwood Village & Allentown. Details here.
9 Year-Old "Hero" Calls 911
According to News Reports:
Latonya Jackson operates an after-school transportation service and stopped to get tacos for five children who were inside her SUV. Fourth-grader Alex Veasley was one of those kids. He said Jackson got out of the vehicle and went back into the restaurant to get a burge…
Zimmerman A Hero?
It's being told that George Zimmerman saved lives ...or at least rescued some a family just days ago...and just days after his NOT GUILTY VERDICT!