As the temperatures start to go up and we get into festival and concert season in Western New York, one of the quintessential Buffalo summer events is making a change that many people have been waiting for years to happen.

Music Is Art, the community-based music festival that celebrates sound like art has been a Buffalo staple since 2003. Buffalo-born rocker Robby Takac founded it. Takac, the famed bassist for the Goo Goo Dolls, started this festival to ensure that artists of all genres of music have an opportunity to celebrate sound.

Since its inception, the festival has grown from humble roots in Allentown to taking over the grounds of the Albright Knox Art Gallery and surrounding Delaware Park. In recent years, the one-day festival has moved to the Buffalo River area, utilizing Riverworks as its home base.

However, with the completion of the renovations at the Buffalo AKG Museum, Takac announced that the festival is heading back to the Upper Elmwood Village and will take place at The AKG, Delaware Park, and Buffalo State University.

This year's festival will be held on September 21, 2024, and will run from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

AKG and Buffalo State are not just venues; they are symbols of the rich artistic heritage and vibrant community spirit that this festival celebrates... We’re committed to creating an immersive experience that highlights the incredible talent of Buffalo’s artists, musicians, and creatives.
-Robby Takac, Founder of Music is Art

The all-day Saturday festival will feature 17 different music stages spread across the Buffalo AKG grounds and Buffalo State campus.

Planning for the 2024 festival is happening now; more information and details about it, along with how bands and DJs can request to perform, can be found on the Music Is Art website.

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