Buffalo Tire Thief Caught On Camera: Arrested!
19 Year-Old Hector Santiago thought no one was watching...but he was mistaken.
This to me is an unfortunate story and I say that because we are not 19 Year-Old Hector Santiago.  I stress his age again because I was once 19 and made some poor decisions...
100 Tires Slashed in Allentown [NEWS VIDEO]
Straight out of a Gotham City Batman Movie.... "The Tire Slasher" hit the Allentown area hard over the weekend.  An unknown assailant successfully cut more than 100 tires leaving residents baffled as to why and without the ability to drive do to deflated tires...
NY Spring Water E. Coli Scare
Niagara Bottling is recalling its Spring Water after one of its spring sources found a "positive indication" of E. coli. If you drink Spring Water branded by Wegmans, 7/11, Niagara or a list of others, you may be at risk of getting sick! Check this out.
Buffalo Batman Is $100 Tipper
Imagine you're a Buffalo waitress or bartender serving a man a $5 beer and you receive $105 and an autograph from someone named "Buffalo Batman". Sounds crazy right, well it started happening yesterday in Elmwood Village & Allentown. Details here.