To say that 2024 is turning into a great year for concerts would be a serious understatement. Some of the biggest concerts that we've seen are heading to Western New York, and the headliner of one of those concerts has made an odd but understandable request on his social media.

Drake is teaming up with J.Cole, bringing the It's All A Blur Tour - Big As The What? Concert to Western New York for two shows at the KeyBank Center in Downtown Buffalo. There's no way you can minimize the hype that surrounds these two nearly sold-out shows.

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Between the two shows set for Tuesday, February 27, and Wednesday, 28, 2024, nearly 40,000 people will see Drake perform in the city where he had one of his first performances as a rap artist.

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It's not often that one of the biggest performers in music puts on two shows so close to his hometown. This event in Buffalo is so significant that Drake has made a particular request to the Canadian government on his Instagram.

In a post on IG, Drake asks the Canadian Government if Buffalo can become a Canadian Province, just for one day.

Buffalo is really close to Toronto, much closer than many people in the United States may think. Depending on traffic, you drive from downtown Buffalo to downtown Toronto in 90 minutes. It's so close that Drake would love for some of his friends who can't normally travel to America to be able to see the show in Buffalo.

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We feel you, Drake. We feel you.

I don't think it would be a bad idea for Buffalo to leave New York for Ontario for 24 hours. I'd finally be able to get my hands on some Ketchup and All Dressed chips without having to declare them at the border.

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Times Drake Has Referenced His Relationship With Buffalo

Aubrey Drake Graham, the Canadian born rapper who goes by Drake, often reminds people how much Buffalo and Western New York supported him over the years. Here's a just a few occasions he's given the 716 a shoutout.

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