The answer to the question is ... Franco's Pizza.

I'm a true, red-blooded Pizza Connoisseur. I Love Pizza and could eat it everyday. There's gotta be more than just cheese and pepperoni on a pizza to make it a great pizza, and when I looked up, a Large Franco's Pizza was being delivered with THE WORKS.


Todd Anderson

Before I knew it, an impromptu Pizza Party ensued you can see. 

Todd Anderson

Like I said earlier, I am a Pizza Connoisseur and deem Franco's Pizza The Best Pizza in Buffalo.  I'm puttin' Franco's Pizza up against any other Pizza Maker in this Community.

Don't believe me?  Stop in and see the good folks over at Franco's, at on of Franco's Locations:

Franco's Pizza

When you go, tell em Todd Anderson sent you and take care of you real good.  Francos has a vast selection of foods aside from just Pizza.

Todd Anderson

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