According to remarks made by Governor Andrew Cuomo...when the state’s adult, one-dose vaccination rate hits 70%, many remaining COVID restrictions will be lifted possibly as soon as 8 days from now...

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“We hit 70%, we will be back to life as normal,” said the governor, although the overall New York State population is still not even 50% fully vaccinated, the percentage of adults who have at least one shot is 68.6% and he says when it hits 70%, perhaps in about 8 days, capacity restrictions, social distancing and hygiene protocols would be lifted. “Masks will only be required as recommended by the CDC. There will still be some institutional guidelines, large venues, schools, public transportation, hospitals, nursing homes.”

The Governor says in his communication with the Centers for Disease Control they are still not comfortable giving schools the option to let students take off their masks without distancing indoors, only outdoors for the rest of this school year.

According to NEWS 4 (WIVB-TV) Williamsville Central and Amherst Central School Districts have already announced that students can begin removing masks when outdoors on school property.

Kenmore Teachers Association president Peter Stuhlmiller thinks it’s prudent to finish the school year with indoor masks.

“Yes, it’s uncomfortable in school. Yes, we all want to take these off, no question about it, but I’d rather not be penny-wise and pound foolish. I’d rather have us be careful and strategic about public safety.”

Cuomo says mask requirements are consistent with the CDC guidelines, and some institutional restrictions will continue.

According to the governor, numbers show that the risk of transmission by children is “extremely low,”...

The governor says he spoke with the CDC...they are not changing their policy on schools nationwide for several weeks, but according to the Governor the state will align school and camp guidance.


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