For the teachers, parents, and city officials that are eager to get children back into the classroom, there is a major piece of the puzzle that is truly holding things up. In order to safely get back to 100% in-person learning there has to be a change to the social distancing guidelines

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Lawmakers are joining the push to have students in class five days a week, they are hoping that a new piece of legislation to repeal Governor Andrew Cuomo's 6-foot apart mandate will help get the job done. The bill would guarantee that the state legislator will have to right to terminate or modify any executive order.

Lawmakers are trying to get the social distancing mandate down from 6-foot of spacing to 3, if this could be done, then schools would be able to open fully along with other safety measures. Some parents and almost all of the city officials believe that students that are not interacting with teachers and other students in-person are being negatively affected, and it is impacting children mentally and educationally.

I can agree with the argument that remote learning is causing students to fall behind. Just think about it, when you're at home, children have to option to walk away, I know parents that are tough and really try to sit through remote learning with their children, but honestly, I don't think it's realistic to believe that students are actually getting the full instruction that is needed.

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