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There are states where cannabis is already legal, and there have been talks here in New York State for some time now. The push to get marijuana legalized fell apart last year, because of the tension between who would be able to sell the drug and where the profits would go.

New York State Senate Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes has been on the battlegrounds for several years now to get cannabis legalized for adult use. Governor Andrew Cuomo has mentioned that the deal is close to being done and that it could bring $300 million dollars a year in tax revenue.

According to WGRZ, Crystal Peoples-Stokes said.

I've said this probably for the last three years, that I anticipate us getting it done this session. But I'm more encouraged this year, and I actually believe it's imminent.

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The reason the Senate Majority Leader feels that this time around the deal will get done is that we are surrounded by states that are already moving forward, and many New Yorkers already travel to Massachusetts. Crystal Peoples-Stokes also mentioned that people are willing to travel to get a safe product.

If we are able to craft a strategy using my legislation to make it a legal product, make it a safe product, be able to invest in the life of people who have suffered as a result of mass incarcerations, and have the dollars to support the things we need to have to support New Yorkers, then it's a win, win.

Said, Crystal Peoples-Stokes according to WGRZ

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