The Buffalo Schools speed zone camera's have been at the forefront of the minds of residents that drive through the city since they went live. First, there was an issue, because anyone that drove through the city in a school zone could be ticketed even if schools were not in session. I think it's pretty fair to say that any possible problem the school speed zone cameras could cause, was most likely caused already.

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Buffalo common council member Rasheed Wyatt, has a list of concerns about the cameras and is looking to support from his colleagues to vote to put an end to it.

Between the number of issues that we've had with the rollout and the number of times the council has tried to work with the administration, it wasn't worked.

said, council member Rasheed Wyatt. according to WGRZ

There are many people who approve of the school speed zone cameras, some of which argue that if there are no fines or penalties, there is no incentive for people to stop speeding through school zones. I just recently drove through a school zone, and I have to agree with many of the other residents in the city, I feel that there should be speed zone cameras, but there has to be an effective way for them to work so that the cameras are not putting unnecessary charges on motorists that do not deserve them.

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If the common council was to vote to curtail the program, it would need to gather up six votes to overturn any veto attempt by Mayor Brown, who is a supporter of the cameras.

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