If you haven't noticed by now, school is back in session. Just in case somehow you missed that, then all you have to do is take a look outside at all of the school buses that are not back on the road.

With school buses being back on the road, that also means that it's time to make sure we give ourselves extra time on the roads to get to and from our destinations due to the added traffic that is on the streets.

The return of buses also brings back several traffic rules we haven't had to worry about in the last few months, but are important to make sure we keep in mind as we drive.

In addition to the reimplementation of school zone speed limits, that make sure you drive at a safe speed when traveling around schools, we also have to make sure we stop for school buses when they are stopped with their lights on.

Unfortunately, it seems that New York has had a recurring problem with people illegally driving around stopped school buses which puts kids in danger when they are just trying to get home.

It's become such a problem in Buffalo, that local officials are trying to find new ways to enforce it.

Buffalo Wants To Install Traffic Cameras On School Buses

In a proposal submitted to the Buffalo Common Council, the City of Buffalo Mayor's Office and Buffalo Public Schools are looking to use cameras to catch people who drive around stopped school buses.

The penalties for passing a stopped school bus can range from $250 to $1,000 and repeat offenders can even get up to 180 days in jail if convicted in court.

If this new proposal goes into effect, all city school buses would have cameras installed on them that would activate when buses are stopped and the lights come on and would work a lot like the old Buffalo School Zone Camera program worked.

City of Buffalo Common Council
City of Buffalo Common Council

If the camera catches you driving by a school bus, then the vendor hired by the city would automatically mail you a ticket. You then would have the option to pay the ticket or contest the ticket.

If and when the ticket is paid the City would receive 60% of the ticket revenue and the company, BusPatrol, would keep the remaining 40%.

Some Lawmakers Are Concerned About This Program Taking Advantage Of People

While in theory this seems like a good idea, there are some people in Buffalo who are worried that this program work too much like the old Buffalo School Zone Camera program and become a potential cash revenue source for the city, instead of it being a way to keep people safe.

Niagara Falls Schools have been using school bus cameras for a few years now.

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