The entire 716 region has been well known for it's nightlife for many years. Being one of the few places in the entire country that has a last call time of 4 am, Buffalo has been home to several clubs that that held a good reputation for man years.

Some of those clubs were able to achieve a nearly legendary status among partygoers.

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However, over the last few years people have been complaining about nightlife in the region as options and venues have decreased and violence in our streets have increased.

It was just a few months ago when one of the premier nightspots in Western New York was shut down by city officials after a string of violent events happened in and around the venue, and now it looks like violence has shut the doors of another popular spot in Buffalo.

Luxor Steak and Lobster Ordered To Close By City of Buffalo

Early in the morning on Sunday, May 28, 2024, 42-year-old Dairus Spates was rushed to the Erie County Medical Center with multiple gunshot wounds which ultimately caused him to pass away. According to a report from WIVB-TV, the Buffalo Police Department states that Spates was shot right outside of Luxor Steak and Lobster on Main Street in Buffalo's University Heights neighborhood.

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Since the shooting, the Buffalo Police Department forced the restaurant and nightspot to close.

While speaking with WKBW-TV, Buffalo Common Council Member for the University District Rasheed Wyatt says that this type of violence doesn't typically happen in this part of town and is confident that the area is safe.

Since the restaurant has been closed, many of the restaurants patrons are calling foul since a Hertel Avenue bar and restaurant had a man killed inside their venue and has since been able to reopen even as the city issued them a cease and desist notice. There was another shooting at a popular bar on Elmwood Ave in Buffalo's Elmwood Village neighborhood where three men were shot, but they have been allowed to remain open.

WKBW-TV has also reported on the what's developed into the Free Luxor movement, as several supporters of Luxor has been calling for the city of Buffalo to allow Luxor to reopen, while pointing to other situations across the city where similar situations have happened and those locations have been allowed to remain open.

Just like with other venues in Buffalo, we're going to have to wait and see what the local government chooses to do.

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