Immediately after Mayor Byron Brown's State of the City Address, regarding his instructing the Buffalo Police Commissioner to advise Officers to "cease enforcement of low-level marijuana possession", people were and are curious as to what exactly a low-level amount of marijuana is.

I spoke with a Buffalo Police Department Lieutenant who explained that a definitive amount had not yet been strictly identified as being a low-level amount of marijuana  That may be because of the fact that the Buffalo Police have already been lenient on worrying about someone having marijuana lately anyway, as shown by the number of arrests having gone way down, So within this post, that question will probably not be answered with specific accuracy as to how much a low-level of weed is, however, in an effort to help make things easier for the Buffalo Police, and yourself, this should help give a good perspective on the subject.

These two videos explain things very well:


The video link below, with WIVB's Shannon Smith, is also very informative: 

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