A Marijuana college course could come to Buffalo
In my college years, I have taken some cool classes like bowling, tennis, and darts. Yes I took a dart class and it was actually challenging because it had a lot of math about projectory type stuff. This new class is on a whole new level as our good people at  Erie Community College wants to create …
Snoop Dogg Launching Marijuana Themed TV Show
Snoop Dogg is all over television in 2016. The Long Beach native has popped up on a few different shows this year and he’s about to add another one to the list. Snoop was announced as an executive producer and guest star for the upcoming MTV show Mary + Jane. The...
NYS 'Weed' Cost Comparison
Where should you live if you are interested in buying mass amounts of weed? Colorado and Washington are the logical choice, after all it is legal to smoke it recreationally in those states. However, if the law isn't an issue for you, Washington, Oregon, California and Colorado are rep…
13 Year-Old with Guns & Weed!
I posted a video of this 13 Year-Old young man a few months ago but he has re-surfaced adding to the disturbing 1st video with more Selfie video & pictures where he's holding a gun and smoking weed!

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