You have been planning your "Big Day" for at least a year or more. Now, because of this dreadful Covid-19 pandemic, some venues have been forced to close, and many vendors have gone out of business.

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According to Here Comes The Guide, there are some great ideas and tips to help you with plan B. Consider a virtual wedding ceremony via Skype, Facebook Live, or Zoom. There are plenty to choose from when it comes to streaming services.

Another great tip, try to plan a weekday wedding, with all the cancellations and postponements this year, venues are giving great deals, and tend to be more flexible during weekdays.

I have personally been effect by the Covid-19 pandemic, as a wedding DJ, I've had to return quite a few deposits and reschedule some wedding dates. According to Here Comes The Guide, Another great tip is to ask some of these questions.

1. What is the Venue's postponement policy?

2. If we're unable to postpone our wedding, what is your cancellation policy?

3. Is the deposit, transferable to the new date?

Many couples are going through, what you probably are going through right now. I hope these few tips will guide you to a less stressful wedding process.

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