Well here we go again ... another great weekend lined up with warmer weather AND a WBLK Weekend Brainteaser to keep us on our toes and our brains working so we doesn't lose any "smarts" over the weekend :)

First the answer to Wednesday's WBLK Brainteaser:

QUESTION: A woman washed the dishes and did the laundry with plenty of hot water left over, but when she went to take a bath there was no hot water....WHAT HAPPENED?

ANSWER: The woman was camping and used all the hot water, which she warmed up over her campfire, to wash here clothes...thus, there was no hot water left, so she had to take a bath in the cold lake!

HERE'S THE WBLK WEEKEND BRAINTEASER: (Submit your answer below in the "COMMENTS SECTION" and I'll be checking answers all weekend.  If you get it right I'll inform you privately with a message ... if you don't get a message that it's right, the answer will be revealed Monday, January 22 along with a New WBLK Brainteaser!  Good Luck.

The WBLK Weekend Brainteaser in print:

Sammy pays a Taxi Driver $20.  He has never ridden in this taxi and doesn't plan to.  Sammy wasn't paying someone else's fair and doesn't know the driver...WHAT IS GOING ON?



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