When I saw this news story this morning, I had to add to all of the congratulations WGRZ's Claudine Ewing and her camera crew have received.  The National Association of Black Journalists awarded Claudia Ewing and her camera crew, Chief Photographer Andy DeSantis, and Photographer Bob Mancuso, with the 'Salute To Excellence' Award.

Ewing and crew received the award for coverage of Valentino Dixon being released from prison 27 years after being wrongfully convicted of a murder which he did not commit.   The news story is entitled, Valentino Dixon: Wrongfully Convicted - Finally Free 27 Years Later


Here's actual News Story that won the award:

The man who made this story possible deserves every and any Award in existence ... 


Claudine Ewing also covered the news story regarding Valentino Dixon's trip to The Masters where he was able to meet the Winner of The Master, who was victorious in overcoming his own challenges as well, Tiger Woods

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