Wayfair Inc., according to Wikipedia, is an e-commerce company that sells furniture and home goods.  They offer a whopping 14 Million items online and have more than 11,000 suppliers globally.   It's huge news for Tonawanda to have a company of this magnitude chose their town to operate in.

Tonawanda Town Supervisor told news sources that the opening of the Wayfair Distribution Center in Tonawanda means Jobs.

Town Supervisor Joe Emminger says it means new jobs for the area.

“Whether it’s 10 jobs or 50 jobs, that’s really irrelevant. Especially if you’re one of those jobs and one of those people being hired,” Emminger said. “Any job, a good paying job is going to be welcomed in our community.“My understanding was that it wasn’t vacant for too long,” Emminger said.    It just shows the demand for that type of space in the Town of Tonawanda and Western New York. We’re happy to fulfill that need.  Any job is worth bringing them into the town.  It’s good for the Town of Tonawanda and our tax base so we’re happy they’re moving into the area. They’re very popular as I hope everyone knows and we’re and we’re excited to welcome them.


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