Just in time.  I saw an article I want to share with you (reluctantly) which shows winning Mega Millions Numbers that have come out frequently since 2002.  You'll click the button below to go to the article and once there, you'll hover over any of the numbers and information will pop up as to how many  times that particular number has come out in the mega Millions drawings since 2001.  For example, I hovered over the number 4 with my mouse / pointer and the info says the number 4 came out 88 times within 870 lottery drawings between 2005 - 2013.  Looks like the #4 is gonna be one of my Mega Millions Numbers.

Now if this helps you and you become a Billionaire, you MUST mention that WBLK helped you when you get in front of all the Nation's Media Cameras ...Deal?

Ok... Here's the link to your Lucky Mega Millions Numbers (I'm adding a disclaimer here that this DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOU'LL WIN ANYTHING WHATSOEVER.)


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