There are a lot of things that signify spring has arrived in the country. Lots of places that were shuttered for the winter begin to open up, the days are starting to get longer, and of course, people start looking towards either selling or buying a new home for themselves and their families.

That is no different here in the 716 as things finally thaw out from this exceptionally long and weird winter we've had so far.

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There are already quite a few great houses for sale in the area that we have to look at. And while there are also several houses that are not so great, that we probably want to skip buying, this one that just went for sale the other day is not one of them.

It is, in fact, one of the most unique houses that have been built in Buffalo and I have personally admired it since it was built in 2018.

Stephen Gmyrek 716-416-3163 WNY Metro Roberts Realty
Stephen Gmyrek 716-416-3163 WNY Metro Roberts Realty

59 Kail Street in Buffalo's Black Rock neighborhood is currently listed for sale at $185,000. According to the sales listening, the owners are looking for offers between $185-200,000 for this 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom custom-built shipping container home.

This home is pretty amazing, I had the chance to check it out during its construction, and it's truly something unique for Buffalo. It was the first Contrianer home and features some finishes that might surprise you, like an Italian spiral staircase and a European wet bath.

What Is a Shipping Container Home?

A shipping container home is a house, either a single-family or multi-family structure, that is built with used cargo shipping containers as the main material. The containers are usually the sort that is designed for transporting freight or cargo on transoceanic crossings or rail traffic and are made typically made from heavy-duty rust-resistant steel.

59 Kail Street was built using 3 of these kinds of containers.

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