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Inside the Most Expensive Apartment in Western New York
Western New York's most expensive apartment currently listed on Zillow is NOT in Buffalo, NY. In fact, it may surprise you where it is!
Located on Main Street in Williamsville, NY, the building has ten units listed at $2359-$2,795 for a one bedroom and $2,784-$3,697 for a two-bedroom...
Tour Buffalo's Mansions lists 21 homes at $1 million or more within 20 miles of Buffalo, NY 14203. Here are the top 15. We want to know what you think. Would you want these homes if you have one to three million dollars burning a whole in your pocket or would you opt for something a little more practical...
Lowest Priced
Can you get a house for $900 in Buffalo? Yes, yes, you can. We decided to look up the five lowest priced homes in Buffalo, NY, and the surrounding area. From $900 to $7,000, here they are.

Sideway Street, Buffalo, NY
Humason Avenue
Efner Street
North Lake Road
Olean Road

Buffalo Area Waterfront Homes for Sale
It's summer and that means we want to spend as much time on the water as possible -- a pond, a lake, a river, a creek. As long as we are enjoying some refreshing time in good old H20 we are happy! So what are the most affordable homes on the market in Western New York that are on a waterfront..…
What Do You Get for $2 Million in Clarence? A Castle
Coming in at $1,995,000 on Donnington Road in Clarence, NY, this has to be one of the most expensive homes listed in Western New York. It has four bedrooms and six baths and is 8,071 square feet, according to the listing on It is on ten acres of landscaped gardens, has a stocked pond wit…
Most Expensive
After looking at the five most expensive houses currently for sale in Buffalo, I got curious about what the most expensive house for sale in WNY looked like! Well let me say, it is DOPE! I've already bought my dreams! Take a look at the exclusive Orchard House in East Aurora!

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