To say that the 2022-2023 winter weather season has been a weird one would be a huge understatement.

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That understatement is no more evident than when you compare the winters that the two largest cities in New York State are having. Under normal circumstances, the winters in Buffalo and New York City are typically very different, however, this year has been one for the record books and it won't likely be forgotten for many years to come.

What's Happening With NYC's Weather?

With its location in the northeast, New York City has fairly cold and wet winters, receiving a mixture of snow and rain during the winter months.

According to the National Weather Service, since 2000 NYC normally receives an average of about 31 inches of snowfall every year, with the snowfall typically beginning in the month of November and it mostly being wrapped up by late March. Over the last 25 years or so, the most snow to have fallen in a winter season was nearly 62 inches in 2011.

That, of course, is a far cry from where things stand this year. Since 2000, the year with the least amount of snow to have fallen in New York City is this year. The Big Apple just received its first measurable snowfall of the year on Wednesday, February 4, 2023, with just 0.4 inches falling in Central Park. Before February, New York City has only had a trace of snowfall the entire winter season.

Some meteorologists expect the first snowstorm of the season to hit NYC this week with an expected 3 inches of snow.

Buffalo's Weather Is Just As Weird

The same cannot be said for Buffalo as this weather has been a wild ride for residents of the 716.

Since 2000, Buffalo has averaged approximately 95 inches of snow per year, with 3 of the last 5 years being above that average. This year is no different as Buffalo leads the nation in snowfall.

While New York City has had nearly no snow, so far this season Buffalo has survived two major snowstorms, a significant ice storm, and an earthquake with nearly 120 inches of snow falling on the ground.

Buffalo is well on the way to winning both the Golden Snowglobe and Golden Snowball award for having the most snow in New York State and in the entire United States. In fact, Buffalo has more snow than any other city in the nation, including places like Anchorage, Alaska, and Boulder, Colorado

Winter Isn't Done With New York Yet

There are a couple of storms that are brewing in the country that may bring even more snow to New York State. A few of those inches may fall in New York City and even more snow for Buffalo. The Farmers Almanac predicted winter would be rough and so far it seems to be on target.

New York and Buffalo Aren't the Only Places Haivng A Weird Winter

New York State doesn't have a monopoly on weird weather this year. Los Angeles issued a blizzard warning this week, with the expectation of nearly 5 feet of snow and winds gusting more than 50 mph. All of this seems just a tad bit unusual.

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