You have probably noticed that it is pretty hot outside. In fact, it's downright brutal in the humidity department since yesterday.

The hot and muggy weather calls for two things here in Western New York -- drinks and ice cream. It feels like every beverage center and ice cream stand is swamped with people looking to get refreshments.

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Buffalo and Western New York is known for the countless pizza places (and there are a TON), but we also have a massive number of great ice cream shops and stands.

There really is nothing like an ice cream cone, milkshake or sundae on a hot summer day. Not only do they taste great, but it brings back nostalgic memories for people. You remember back when you were a kid and your mom and dad took you to get an ice cream cone.

I still remember going to Dairy Queen as a kid and getting those ice cream sundaes in a plastic MLB baseball cap. I wanted to collect every cap, which I didn't, but not for a lack of effort!

We know the massive popular ice cream places in Western New York, but what about the ones that deserve way more attention?

Here are seven of the most underrated ice cream places in Western New York.

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