Back in the late 80s early 90s, in a small barbershop on the east side of Buffalo, on East Delevan Avenue, is where many people in that neighborhood would go to get those "Fresh Hair Cuts". The barbershop was named Mr.J's, Jermaine, and Damian Johnson worked at Mr.J's for a long time building their clientele and their reputation as being two of the top premier barbers in Buffalo. I was a regular customer of Jermaine's I think because back then I really couldn't tell them apart. (LOL)

Do you remember back in those days when hair cuts were between $5 and $8 dollars? yeah, back in those days is when these two barbers had Delavan "Lit". In June of 1997, the 24th of June to be exact, the first shop opened in Charlotte North Carolina, and they never looked back again. The "No Grease" name is the first thing many people in Charlotte think of when it comes to getting that clean professional look.

In 2016 they opened the No Grease Barber School, which provides an intensive barber curriculum that gives the tools necessary for a successful transition into the barber profession. The brothers have recently opened another shop in the upscale South Park Mall along with their partner Charlie Petty and they are continuing to grow. I recently asked Jermaine, is there any chance of a "No Grease" Buffalo opening, he told me that it could be a possibility.

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I think this is a  great example of having a goal and truly getting after it. It's so good to see someone from your hometown making moves.

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