This week’s Jerk Of The Week claims he is the legendary rapper - Mr. Tupac Shakur.

A half-naked, man wielding a hammer claimed he was Tupac Shakur as he smashed up more than one dozen Philadelphia police vehicles early Wednesday morning.

The Tupac wannabe did damage to at least 14 cop cars parked outside the 6th police district at 11th and Winter streets in the city’s Chinatown neighborhood, Philadelphia police Capt. Brain Korn told NBC10’s Jesse Gary.

“He wanted to prove a point that he could actually shut down the police department” said police Lt. Paul Hammer.

The man carried an archaeology hammer - a pickaxe-like device - when he got out of his car near the police station around 5:15 a.m.

He was wearing only boxers and boots as he began to swing the hammer at police cars, SUVs and even the front door of the station, according to investigators.

Wow, what is wrong with people these days? I don’t know what can make a man take all his clothes off and make him attack the police station and vehicles with a hammer at 5 am. Guess the Tupac wannabe was on that Rick James. The police stated - the man basically gave himself up when confronted but that a stun gun was called upon just in case it was needed.

Now this man is clearly delusional, and while he sits in that jail cell I want him to know he is a winner today.

What do you think is Pac still alive? What should happen to the half – naked, hammer swinging Tupac impersonator?

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