Jazzy T sits down with cultural critic, author and TV host Toure to discuss what it means to be Black now and his upcoming book about legendary rapper Nas!

Also C.T. Vivian drops some real Black history facts at Canisius College's "Reaching Back & Moving Forward" event.


I caught up with Toure at the Canisius College VIP dinner at the Lafayette Hotel the night before their annual Black History Month event.


Civic rights leader C.T. Vivian, who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, sat next to my husband and I and told us story after story, like when he was in Cleveland with Muhammad Ali and comedian/activist Dick Gregory. He told us:

The best thing about the civil rights movement is that for the first time in 400 years, we could say no the white people in charge, because Martin Luther King Jr has a strategy!

It was this strategy, Dr Vivian says, that made it so their was no other route but to do the right thing and grant civil and human rights for Black people in America.