Denise Jewell Gee wrote a commentary in the Buffalo News (paper) on Monday, september 24, 2012 in which it was opinion that Sex Education should NOT be an option in public schools.  She identifies that the current policy is such that schools are currently not required to provide such education and that it's optional.

This morning the headlines in the Buffalo News read: "TEACHING THE BIRDS and THE BEES"'s a huge, two-page article about Sex Education in Buffalo schools.  The article points out that 51% of Buffalo High School students say they have had sex at least once, 12% said they had sex for the first time before they were 13, 87% of the admitted sexually active Buffalo High School students said they DID NOT use birth control before they had sex the last time, and 5% of Buffalo Middle School students admitted they had sex before they were 11.

So the dilema is this... Do you want your child's school teaching your child about sex or would you like to take on that task independent of the school system?  Do you think teaching Sex Ed in schools promotes sexual activity by causing students to think and become curious about sex?  Do you think schools, if they are going to teach Sex Ed, should also teach abstinence until marriage?

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These are just some of the contrary views that arise relative to teaching Sec Ed in currently;y reports have stated that half of all U.S. High School students are having sex...with no REQUIRED Sex Education in schools.

Now some schools who do choose to teach Sex Ed also distribute condoms to promote safe sex.  Many parents are not in favor of schools or Planned Parenthood distributing condoms, arguing that it promotes sexual activity.  Others argue that if students atre going to engage in sex, the distribution of condoms is a great thing because it allows students to protect themselves.

Denise Jewell Gee (Buffalo News), writes in her commentary that students are required to learn about bicycle safety, arson prevention, and the humane treatment of animals...AND...are required to teach students about HIV and AIDS...but are not required to teach safe sex practices, preventing pregnancy, or abstaining from sex.

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