Isn't this a question every churchgoer has either asked or wondered about at some point in their Christian Walk.  Personally, the issue is a serious one that will determine whether I choose a church or let it go.

I've experienced churches that REQUIRE a disclosure of your Annual Tax Return to determine what you should, or should have, tithed throughout the year.

I've experienced churches (Pastors) that (who) will use the "Guilt Trip" technique to get your tithe.  The church that goes to The Old Country Buffet after Service each week but has the Pastor use that outing as a measure against whether you're doing the right thing by enjoying the "after church festivities" as opposed to tithing...challenging you to forgo the fun, and tithe your "Old Country Buffet" money....telling you that it's God's money not yours.

Or there's the Church that will promise you 100X whatever you tithe...and even go as far as putting a specific date on it....most of the time from a person who has determined they have the "Gift Of Prophecy" and claim that "within 4 days (or on he 4th day), The Lord is going to Bless your finances!!!

Or the "Hostage Church".  The church that has been told by The Lord that everyone WILL Tithe "this week" and that the number $5,000 has been shown to them and that "We are not going anywhere today until we "fulfill The Lord's Promise" this morning and have $5,000.  Low and behold the church has 25 Members, 65% of whom are women, 34% of whom are children, and 1% of whom are men.  Then by the end of the "Service", after the "Tithe Box" has been counted in front of the entire 25 Member Congregation about 10 times, the church resorts to accepting I.O.U. notes from members which finally satisfies "The Promise" for the day sent by "The Lord".

Many many churches differentiates "Tithing" from "Giving"...where the "Tithe" is a "Command From The Lord", while "Giving" is voluntary and consists of whatever you have left after tithing.

Then there are the honest churches led by Godly Men and Women who don't operate via exploitation tactics and don't press the issue.  They teach you what The Word says and leave it between you and The Lord.  I always remember one of my former Pastors, (Pastor) Michael Peace, saying, "If God Needs Our Money, We're All In Trouble".  My current Pastor, Pastor George Nicholas will even go as far as making dollars available for people to contribute who don't have the means to tithe.  Not all churches are guilty of inappropriate practices when it comes to tithing (and Giving)...but many are.

Many times, in most of these inappropriate scenarios, it would seem that the church wouldn't care if you left empty handed with no money at the end of the service, even to the extent that you might not be able to pay your bills.  But, "the church" will avoid being accused of not caring by always encouraging you that "The Lord Will Provide".

At the end of the day...despite the manner in which each church (or your church) approaches urging people to Tithe... "Where Does The Money Go"?...(in your opinion) and what are your comments in general concerning the church and tithing?    PLEASE COMMENT BELOW.  THEN PLEASE RETURN TO THE WBLK FB PAGE AND LEAVE YOUR COMMENT THERE.