I can remember when there weren't many part-time or full-time jobs available in Buffalo for a long time. The global pandemic for some people has been a gift and a curse. Here's what I mean, just to state the obvious, there were a massive number of lives lost, and believe it or not even some families got torn apart, that was the curse. The gift was a large number of programs and opportunities for people to get jobs opened up because of the help from the federal government, by the way of stimulus payments and extended unemployment benefits.

Now that things are opening back up, there are small business owners that are still being hurt because it is still difficult to get people to come back to work. Unemployment benefits are still running for many people in Western New York, and most people are finding that after you subtract the cost of daycare and other household expenses, it really makes more sense to stay home with the kids. The restaurant industry is really feeling the pinch. I spoke to a Buffalo restaurant owner Quincey Morris from At Eleven Cuisine.

It's really tough right now because of the unemployment benefits, there are literally help wanted signs up everywhere, it's hard to get anyone to come and work for less than what they can make by just staying at home.

Said Quincey,

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I personally like the help that everyone is receiving, there are a number of people out there who can really use the help, I also think there are most people who are really "milking the system".

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