Every-time I'm out in the Community and someone recognizes me they are never really concerned with me...their more-so interested in The WBLK Brainteaser.  You would think they'd say, 'Hey, aren't you Todd Anderson'?  But no...the greeting almost always, 'Hey Brainteaser Man, or, 'hey I had the answer to your brain thing but I can never get through, or, hey, what was the answer to that one with the lady in the airport.  Now mind you, when I'm not at work, my job is the last thing on my mind, so I look at these people like their nuts but then realize, 'oh damn, that right, I'm Todd Anderson on the radio...then I wake up and understand their talking about The WBLK Brainteaser.  So since the Brainteaser is so popular, I've decided to bring it back.  Now every Sunday you can boost your weekend wake up experience with a WBLK Brainteaser.

Here's today's WBLK Brainteaser Challenge:

Matt was with his Mom in an Antique Store and found this clock.  He asked his Mom, "what time is it Mom when the big arrow is pointing at the ONE and the little arrow is pointing at the ELEVEN?

Matt's Mom looked at her wrist-watch and said, 'well Honey, that means it is 11:05 ...BUT ... that's clock must be set wrong because I have the correct time and it's NOT 11:05 ...


Call 716-644-9393 or even easier, (because nit's VERY HARD to get through with so many people calling) you can answer in the COMMENTS SECTION below.  I'll give the answer to this WBLK Brainteaser this afternoon at approximately 1:50 PM.  Listen to the radio for clues and Good Luck.

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