According to News Reports, groundbreaking for a 25 Floor, 500,000 square foot Universal Hip Hop Museum should begin this coming December with the facility planning it's Grand Opening in 2023.

The main investors and persons headlining the creation of this fabulous entity are primarily Chuck D and Kurtis Blow with Chuck D being named the chairman of the museum's celebrity board, according to reports.

Here's what Chuck D said of the upcoming Universal Hip Hop Museum:

"Hip-hop is possibly the last remaining DIY genre, and we need to bring it up to speed in its administration. I’ll hopefully be a magnet for others to offer their services and help build the museum into a vital space," the "Fight The Power" emcee continued.  "The museum will be a solid base of recognition of the past. But it will also be involved in hip-hop’s [ongoing] definition, protecting it and making it viable for the future. The celebrity board’s role will be that of a collective with the energy of many helping to propel hip-hop well into the 21st century."

News and Entertainment Reports say the facility will be interactive and will attract young people who will be able to actually DJ, Record, and create Graffiti Art,  Kurtis Blow explains (in the News video below), that they'll use today's advanced technology capabilities to help tell the Hip-Hop story, including avatars, holograms, and Virtual Reality technology.  Everything sounds very exciting.


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