Mid-Term Elections are coming on Nov. 6 and there have been some pretty blatant examples of Racism regarding Voting Rights as well as the impact some votes have compared to others.  Unfortunately this gets into some very confusing dialogue and explanation, which makes it extremely difficult to explain. extremely difficult.  You'd have to be a Political Science Grad Student or Political expert to fully understand all that's taking place in this Country, behind the scenes I might add.

You'll have to do some homework of your own beyond this attempt to explain what's happening to the Black / African-American (as well as the Native American) vote and the suppression of it in this Country.  I'll provide you with a start and you'll have to get yourself to the finish line...hopefully that finish line will be you standing in line at the voting booth on November 6 to VOTE.

Here's a blatant example of gerrymandering in the State of North Carolina.  Before showing you the video regarding blatant gerrymandering, let's examine exactly what gerrymandering is:



A predominantly Black College in North Carolina is a victim of gerrymandering:

...and if gerrymandering doesn't work, regarding a specific Racial Culture's Vote, there are other even more blatant and ridiculous tactics in place...like this recent example of such:

WATCH, as a bus filled with Senior African-American Voters who were going to vote early were ordered o 'GET OFF THIS BUS':

...MORE regarding African American Seniors being kicked off of a bus taking them to vote early: 

Finally, Former President Barack Obama Urges YOU to Vote despite the obstacles...it's the ONLY WAY to combat Racial Unfairness with respect to voting. 

Former President, Barack Obama, addressing the 7 most popular EXCUSES people use to avoid voting:


Please VOTE.  Click the link below for local voting info:

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