This is number 3 right here for the bowls. Think about that. The Bulls have only played in 2 Bowl games and they lost them both but on this Saturday they could beat a decent  Troy, team with a record of 9-3. Troys defense is not good, the allow a lot  of points per game and the Bulls offense is really good with just just shy of 35 points while Troy puts up nearly 30 points per game. According to those stats, this could be a win for the Bulls.


The big homie and  staring QB Tyree Jackson , has 2,857 yards with 27 touchdowns and 11 picks and  Anthony Johnson, the senior receiver is one of the best WR in college football right now. In 12 games still managed 52 receptions for 944 yards, and 11 touchdowns. Then Jaret Patterson and Kevin Marks who are the freshman pair of running backs are incredible as together they have rushed for nearly 1,800 this year. Below are the predictions from ESPN where they predicted The Bulls to win:




"The Bulls are 6-2 in games I have covered in person, so lets make it 7-2 with a 34-27 win in the Dollar General Bowl. Anthony Johnson recently told me he is feeling better from his groin injury and will be the difference maker as the game MVP".

The game is Saturday at 7pm on ESPN. Tune in to witness history.

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