Lil Wayne has to be the biggest sports bandwagoner I have ever seen in my life. I have heard Lil Wayne claim that the Saints/Packers/Heat/Mavericks/Heat are his team, and I guess we can add the Bulls to this long list of teams he has rode the bandwagon for.

Here he is smiling and grinning in a picture with my favorite basketball team, the Chicago Bulls. Sorry Lil Wayne, we don't want you on the bandwagon because next week you will be on a stage talking greasy about Derrick Rose.

This is reason 113 why I dislike Lil Wayne as a person, he has no loyalty, and you can tell from his bandwagoning of different sports teams. I may be wrong -- maybe he is just a groupie -- but either way, not cool.

Lil Wayne, get off the bandwagon.


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