Now that restrictions are starting to loosen a little bit and wedding season is just around the corner, there is going to be some dances that everyone is going to have to know. I have been the DJ at plenty of weddings, and I have only seen one, where there was no line dancing.

In my opinion, and I always say it at events that may have a few out-of-town guests in attendance, "welcome to Buffalo, the line dance capital of the world". Weather your at a backyard barbeque or one of the local bars, Club 77, The New Golden Nugget, The Groove, just to name a few, you are going to see a line dance.

My top 5 line dances that everyone should know, let's start with number 1, most important, "The Cupid Shuffle" ,, This has been the most popular line dance since it came out in 2007.

Number 2, "The Wobble", as long as you are in the city of Buffalo or any surrounding area, you are almost guaranteed to see this dance.

Another one of my favorite line dances that have been, and is still very popular to this day, is "The Cha Cha Slide" or " The Casper Slide" Back in 2000 when this song was released, it spent five weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Number 4, this is probably more of a city of Buffalo line dance, but you must learn it before you hit any club, bar, or wedding party here in our great city of line dancers, this dance is called "Plastic Dreams" although this is done in different cites, it's only done like this in Buffalo,

Number 5, on the list of line dances you should know, most people here in Buffalo, don't even know the name of it, they just call it "Set It Off" which is the name of the song that the dance is done to. This dance is a little more involved, but still very fun.

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We are all waiting to be able to do any kind of dancing at some point, just remember if you're in, or coming to Buffalo learn at least one of these dances.


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