To say the Buffalo has the best fans in the NFL would be an understatement, in my opinion, during the off-season, deals have been made to prepare us for another Superbowl run. although there is still some work to do, according to, contract restructuring could make Stefon Diggs contract extension likely to happen. That is just one of the reasons that Buffalo fans are ready to kick off the season.

As many people already know, Buffalo Bills tailgate parties are everything. Now that things are opening back up and more people are being vaccinated, it seems more likely for Bills fans to be able to return to the stadium. I have worked as a DJ for some serious tailgate parties at the stadium. Anyone that knows the who's who of the tailgate scene, has heard of "The Chefs Tailgate". I recently spoke with Derrick Norman of the Chefs, and he said "If everything goes back to normal I'm ready to start doing what we do, how we do it, in a friendly and very safe way".

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The Buffalo Bills have also picked up wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders, who is one of the best route runners in football, his experience will bring another element to the Bills high powered offence that teams will have to deal with. Just like many Buffalo Bills fans, I'm pretty optimistic about this years season, not only for the big parties and energy that everyone is apart of, but I also feel like we're on the move again.

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