Dr. Kwame Nantambu, lecturer at the University of the West Indies, says that:

The United States achieved its independence on July 4, 1776. The choice of the month of July by the European founding fathers of the United States denotes that in July (7th month of the year), they completed their armed revolution/struggle for independence from Euro-colonial Britain. The choice of the 4th of July denotes that on that day, the United States was transformed from a colony of Britain to a sovereign independent nation-state; in addition, the 4th of July falls within the summer solstice of ancient Kemet/Egypt which runs/lasts from June 21 – July 4, a period of 13 days.

Was it just a coincidence, or did the founding fathers of the United States plan this day to coincide with the spiritual belief system/blessing/protection/guidance of ancient Kemet?

Now check this out: 1776 denotes that 7 plus 6 also equals 13. Did the European founding fathers of the United States purposely veil/shroud their new state in swaddling clothes of ancient Kemet/Egypt?

Do you realize that the 13th amendment of the U.S. Constitution freed the slaves, giving them a “new life” as freed men? When the United States achieved its independence, there were only 13 colonies — was this just another coincidence? This tells us that there was a “rebirth” in this former colony of Britain.

Even the official seal of the United States government has 13 layers. Do you think this is an accident? Check out the $1 bill, with its kemetic symbolisms, like the pictures of the pyramid with 13 layers. Then there is the eye of Heru (called Horus by the Greeks and Jesus by Christians) as the all-seeing eye for protection -- again, accident?

When we go beyond the physical and material day-to-day activities and begin to question and look for the origins of things, there are always answers to uncover. Most things do not just happen just to be happening! I encourage everyone to become critical thinkers, and by doing so, the veil of ignorance will be lifted, and things will begin to make sense as you become enlightened with the truth!

Shem Hotep (I go in peace)


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