Today citizens of Egypt proved the incredible power of "The People" as they staged the largest political protest in history and had President Mohammad Morsi arrested and removed from power. 


On Sunday night, millions of Egyptians took to the streets to demand the "Dictatorship" of President Mohammad Morsi come to an end. The Military gave him a deadline of Wednesday 8AM PST to comply with the wishes of the protesters and resign.

Morsi, who has been President for just over a year, was the Country's first democratically elected President. Experts watching the situation feel that Morsi lost the trust of the people early on when he and the Muslim Brotherhood took power and made changes to the country's constitution.


Dr. Maher Hathout with the Muslim Public Affairs Council speaks on the reason Morsi had to go:

"It is not the economy. It is the quest for freedom and feeling that they have been betrayed and the resenting to replace a dictatorship of Mubarak by a theocracy dictatorship, where it will be the dictator is ruling but garbing himself in religion,"


Late Tuesday, Morsi gave a defiant speech, insisting he is willing to give his life to protect his presidency. As the deadline approached, and Morsi remained, the nation prepared over night for a Military coup. And by morning, he was overthrown and the power was back with the People!

Let the Independence Day Celebrations Begin!!

I am so proud of the people of Egypt for standing up and working together for freedom and democracy. America, are YOU ready for a revolution?